Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anybody seen my Baby...!?

Today is amazing! I'm enjoying the beautiful weather =) Hope in Your country also started sunny days)))
Took some pictures with my new vintage handbag, it's roomy & the colour is perfect. Also I want to show You new bracelet, which My Mom gave me a few weeks ago =) It's so cute & a little bit childish ) but looks gorgeous :) I LOVE You Mom, You're the best in whole World!!! =)

Good morning beauties! :)

Such a wonderful morning... the sun is shining.. and with every breath You catch the smell of spring)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Elizabeth, I Love You!"

All of You have already known, that one of the biggest stars Elizabeth Taylor gone forever...
But we will always remember her! Cause she was not only the Greatest actress, but also a Wonderful person!

This post off course I want dedicate to her  influence on fashion industry :
 - In addition to her own purchases, MGM costumers  helped Taylor choose clothes that emphasized her face, chest, and waist.
- Taylor helped popularize Valentino and Halston's designs, and in the 1980s Schering-Plough developed violet contact lenses, citing Taylor's eyes as inspiration.
- She was a pioneer in marketing a celebrity merchandise brand. She designed fine jewelry for The Elizabeth Collection, and launched three perfumes, "Passion", "White Diamonds", and "Black Pearls".
Elizabeth is undoubtedly always will be the Fashion Icon!

Dreamy imagery

I adore such feminine looks =) The shots convey a charming atmosphere.
 Elle Ukraine April 2011 
Viktoriya Sasonkina by Stefano Galuzzi

Preppy casual

 So cute outfits) I would love sometimes dressing like that ;)

Katie Fogarty by Tesh for Elle Russia April 2011

Living in 21 Century...

Unisex style in  Numéro Homme SS 2011

Some looks for future fall/winter inspiration

Hope You'll find your own inspiration from this outfits ;) As I did =)

Lena Vasilyeva Fall/Winter 2011 (The Russian designer)

That's what I call the "Lightness of look" =)

Hello beauties)))
I want to share with You some really amazingly beautiful pics!
I adore each of this wonderful dresses =) I think, that You'll also have such feeling after watching this new photoset from Harper's Bazaar US April 2011.
The breezy effect is fascinating :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Off the wall

Hello my dear readers! :)
Today I had my long-expected day off =) And in such great spring weather I finally took a few shoots in my "new-old" skirt ( this skirt used to belong to my Mom, and when I recently saw it for the first time I understood that from that moment it will be my favourite thing.)
I love the transparency, how it looks in the sun.
You'll also see my new pocket - bag, it's black with pink-lined) And I'm in love with it)
Hope You'll like the outfit which I choose for today :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday night

Lara Stone by Craig McDean for W Magazine April 2011

Ukrainian Fashion Week: Larisa LOBANOVA Fall/Winter 2011

So this is the last post about Ukrainian fashion week 2011 )
I hope You enjoyed with this short view of the very best =)
What collections did You like the most?

In conclusion - just perfect Larisa LOBANOVA's collection!

Ukrainian Fashion Week: Nadya DZYAK Fall/Winter 2011

Knitted dresses, pocket-bags and bright details)

Ukrainian Fashion Week: Julia Latushkina Fall/Winter 2011

A little bit futuristic & alien like collection) The colours is mostly dusky, but looks awesome)

Ukrainian Fashion Week: KAMENSKAYAKONONOVA Fall/Winter 2011

It's all about the boots)

Ukrainian Fashion Week: Elena GOLETS Fall/Winter 2011

I like everything about this collection, especially the colour range.

Ukrainian Fashion Week: Dominanta by Anastasiya Fall/Winter 2011

I love this dresses)))

Ukrainian Fashion Week: TAN Fall/Winter 2011

Andre Tan is one of the most successful & popular Ukrainian designer. He has incredible talent & charisma!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ukrainian Fashion Week: BEVZA Fall/Winter 2011

I love the shoes and the gloves) 
What do You like the most in this collection?

Ukrainian Fashion Week: OBRANI Fall/Winter 2011

Beautiful dresess) Laconic, slight  & very romantic)
I'm in love with this one)))))))

Ukrainian Fashion Week: LITKOVSKAYA Fall/Winter 2011

Model's work sometimes is too hard... like on this fashion show, where they were catwalking with tied eyes.

Ukrainian Fashion Week: ANISIMOV Fall/Winter 2011

Love austere style :)

Ukrainian Fashion Week: BEKh Fall/Winter 2011

I'm totally obsessed with maxi skirts! :) And You?

Ukrainian Fashion Week: KRASILNIKOVA Fall/Winter 2011

As I promised yesterday, I'm continue to acquaint You, my Dear Readers, with the best Ukrainian fashion week 2011 collections =)
So lets start from some looks of Irina Krasilnikova's collection)

Dree Hemingway by Sofia & Mauro for Numéro #121

Transforming into a siren complete with water drenched gowns...

Spring looks

Hello fashionistas =)
Take a look at a few lovely outfits from BDBA spring/summer collection 2011)
Think You gona like them)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ukrainian Fashion Week: Anna Bublik Fall/Winter 2011

Once again , Hello Dear readers!)))
As everyone of You have already known, that I live in Ukraine, and of course we're also having  fashion week =)
So, from today I'm starting to acquaint You with fall/winter collections, from Ukrainian Fashion Week 2011. I want to share with You information of those collections, which for my opinion was the most interesting =)
Of course I will be glad to hear Your thoughts about this and other Ukrainian collections!
Would You wear clothes that offers Ukrainian designers?
Waiting for Your comments :)
And now, Let me introduce to Your attention one of the best Ukrainian designer's collection -  
Anna Bublik fall/winter 2011: 

Nini Nguyen ready- to-wear spring/summer 2011

I've inspired by this collection! All looks are gorgeous, realy great! This season I want to be dressing this way)

Gisele Bundchen for Vogue Paris April 2011 by Inez & Vinoodh

Love this pictures)))
I'm dreaming about travelling all over the World, there're so many beautiful places I want to see, so many different cultures and people =)
And what are You dreaming about?)

I saw a beautiful dream...

Ragnhild Jevne by Nikolay Biryukov for Elle Ukraine April 2011

Natalia =)

One of my favourite Models) She's Gorgeous, very beautiful!)