Monday, August 2, 2010

Michael Jackson's style

My favorite singer is Michael Jackson)  I realy love and admire him not just only for his  extremely talent and genius! But for his humanity, love of everyone and everything living, kindness, humble, generosity :) He is the most greatest artist and lovely person who have ever lived on our planet!!! He was an angel with the most beautiful smile)
In this post i want of course tell you about his splendid style. So... watch!!! :


                                                1980 -1986 years

                             Billie Jean 1982

Thriller 1982

And for example BALMAIN collection 2010-2011



BALMAIN collection 2010-2011

BALMAIN collection 2010-2011


                            BALMAIN collection 2010-2011


BALMAIN collection 2010-2011

So, I can say only one thing - MJ created his own individual, original style. For over the years he was true to  this style and it's actual for today. And I believe that MJ's fashion direction is eternal !!!! 
He was genius, genius in all !!!

I was taking a part in contest of  beauty. There I was singing MJ's "BAD". 
This is outfit wich he was wearing:

and this is my (more womanlike) :

R.I.P  MJ. I love you!  You're always in my heart!!!! :)

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