Saturday, April 2, 2011

Inspired by a Legend!

Hello my Dear Dear Readers!
How is Your weekend going? :)
I've already told you about my truly love to Michael Jackson =) (here is the post about his style)
All I can do now  it's just worship His Legacy) And not only in Music & dance, but also in style) He was and stay for me THE Fashion Icon!!! I don't want to write a lot, cause I really can say a lot about Michael, cause He was Genius!
So today's look I tribute to Him) He inspired me & always will!
I love You Michael) Thank You!

The photo of my Family =)

Are You inspired now too? ;)


Burberry trench coat 
River Island shirt
No brand sewed pants
Vintage hat
Vintage handbag
Gunter Moccasin

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