Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Magical evening...

A few photos of today's look & magical mood))) It's so because of miraculous spring evenings :)
p.s. this is my second favourite hat ;)
Does it looks good, Guys? =)

Немного фотографий моего сегодняшнего лука и волшебного настроения)), а оно такое из-за чудотворных весенних вечеров :)
p.s. это моя вторая любимая шляпа ;)
Она хорошо выглядет на мне, Ребята? =)


 Topshop shirt,Monn blazer,Marks & Spencer leggings,Vintage hat,Rosetti new york bag, Gunter moccasin


  1. really nice bag! and the hat is also good :)
    I quite udnerstand Russian language, was learning Russian for six years :) do you know Polish a bit?

  2. Oh,Thanks!)))it's very nice of you!
    No, i don't know Polish at all :(
    Russia is quite hard language to learn... you did well, that know it!